About TallTails


Reptiles partying in your room at night can be terrifying, but how do you explain the metaphysical and to whom? Especially when it results in something painfully physical that you just can’t stop, and you just can’t prove.

If you’re an experiencer of any phenomena, it can be difficult to confide in others, and expose your accounts of interdimensional travel, being taken – be it underground or above planet, interaction with other species and entities, and so much more. The journey is often cold, lonely and fraught with shaking heads, turning backs, and Facebook hacks, eyes that roll, and comment trolls. Many people are missing trusted cornerstones in their lives, and some of these creatures like to keep it that way, so I thought maybe greater reach would be gained from this platform.

Particularly if you have been dealing with Reptiles (or perhaps you feel it’s more a case of they have been dealing out to you), please take part. Although I have met and engaged with a variety of creatures, some wonderful, and some less enjoyable, Reps I am quite familiar with. I don’t mean what their big agendas are and which celebrity is hosting one, and if they’re going to take over the world or already have, or what their clicker code is for grid release. I’m talking about those of you who are looking for understanding of the creatures, or just to beat what’s hounding you at night.
That’s what this is for. A safe place to share and ask questions. You will find that the word ‘expert’ is unlisted here. I’ve had several years of dealing with these individuals, but like us they vary. The aim here is to help anyone who is seeking to reclaim their courage, spiritual power, personal sovereignty, purpose, and most importantly – their sleep.

Looking forward to sharing and learning with you.

S. A. Lark.



See you on the inside…



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