Real People Helping Real People

“When we move together, we move forward.”

Hey guys. Thanks for popping in yet again. Really appreciate your visits. Thought I’d break the norm for today and show you this great new start-up. They’re paranormal-friendly, certainly Reptilian-aware, and willing to share advice and give help directly to you. I think it’s a great community based company. Please check them out at I’m going to be working closely with them.

At the bottom you’ll find a link to helping the Australian nation’s providers. I urge you to write in to RPHRP and to offer your services if you are local to Australia. Statistics say suicide rates are double in the outback of what they are in the metropolitan areas. Thanks to these guys for doing something about it.

Introducing the founders

Jo and her equine friend co-own this innovative and progressive company which is geared toward helping out the community through the knowledge and assistance of people with real life experience.

Enjoy the read and I will share one of their own blog posts that I particularly liked with you shortly.

A message from RPHRP


​Thanks for the invitation.

I’m glad you’re putting this topic out there, and allowing people access to basic info that can be discussed openly.

As for me well it really started when I met and rescued Phoenix. She struggled to walk, and was told she would never run again, should never be ridden again, and had cancer that so far was unable to be cured.

Working with her was new and challenging, and although I had worked with a lot of people over the years I had to carefully think things through with her. I couldn’t just be on autopilot, because she was big for one lol, and she spoke a different language. I had to really think about the process. And at the end of it all I wrote that process down and matched it to the work I do with people and found that it all fit. It was the same. This process can be used in every aspect of life if you are looking to have a better connection with anyone, any situation, the universe, or any other form of life/creature.

On a separate path, I found a like-minded counsellor who allowed me to book in just to have meaningful conversations. Not a great deal of people understand the full extent of the universe including the ‘paranormal’, the other beings out there available for interaction. He did, and I really appreciated that he allowed that and I still go and sit down with him today, just for a chat with someone who gets it. His name’s Steve Johns, and he’s a Personality Trainer, and if you ever want to check him out click here.

Put the two together and we have the birth of RPHRP – Real People Helping Real People

Phoenix regularly contributes to our blog (click here to check out her latest thoughts on Musings of an Equine Mind), and she’d love you to pop by and say ‘hi’.

If you’re local to Australia, please know we are organising an ‘ RPHRP Help-Spree’ for our farmers. If you have any professional services you are willing to offer to some of our nation’s providers for free then please click here and email me.

So that’s it! Thanks for popping in, any questions just shoot us a line, and keep putting yourselves out there into the universe! 


Cheers! From Phoenix

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