Psychological and emotional effects

If these guys can do it?

Remember this saying?

If you believe you might be depressed, first check whether or not you’re just surrounded by ar#*holes!

Same goes here! On top of working that out, you will need to decide if some of these side effects are worth it. 

Bad News First?


Having a human partner while interacting with a Rep of any kind can prove problematic. The dragon or rep may be understanding and somewhat accepting of it for the sake of keeping you, but will never be content, and you may find you wake annoyed with your human partner and relationship with no just cause. At some point you may have to make a decision if it becomes too difficult to bear. I don’t know how they do it, but like much of the information many of us waking with, this works the same way. Please be aware of this. It would be a shame to lose an healthy and loving relationship for the sake of such an experiment or curiosity if that’s what it is for you.


As they take you into their lives and expose you to a bigger picture, it is only natural to feel as though the world rests upon your shoulders. To become aware of a much more complicated reality full of ‘grey areas’ and questions will force you to redefine your once firmly held or even unconscious beliefs, values, and moral compass. This can be quite a shake-up and cause some serious fatigue. Your view on the world, the human species, and human – other creature interaction will expand resulting in greater tolerance and in some areas harder lining. Those close to you will be exposed to this and will either develop a curiosity and/or understanding or they won’t.


Some people you know may become overly impressed by this whole concept and ask of you ridiculous favours. They may want what they perceive to be the unique attention and/or the ‘paranormal’ activity that goes with it. They may want to believe there is more to life, and may want to dive straight in without a skill set. Some may just assume that if we can communicate with them in what seems to an outsider to be our own language then they must be like us so let’s ‘hook up’. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who have asked me to ‘hook them up’ with a Rep. They just don’t get the gravity of the situation.

Pleasure Seekers

I’ve had plenty of people want to know how they can just have sexual relations with a Rep without being subjected to all the ‘other stuff’. They want to have that exhilarating niceness (we all know many Reps are crackers in bed) and then just go back to their god of choice or universe or earth for a safety net. Some may have even already engaged in sexual activity, but the Rep, naturally, wants to achieve more than that, and these people may come to you wanting to know how they can achieve pleasure without consequence or trade. Good luck with this.


Finally, some people may even ask you to get ‘your Rep’ to act out vengeance on their behalf or tell them the future and so on. There are some real colourful people out there.

I don’t need to say this, but please only ever behave in a kind manner to all.


If you agree to a relationship on the terms you decide, and are truly fortunate they will take you to their world. Show you the other reps in their lives, their work, their own personal living quarters, and masquerade you with ‘magic’ shows highlighting their ability to levitate objects and so on. It can be a wonderful experience as you no doubt know. They may teach you about correct diet and exercise for your particular body, help you heal personal illness, and/or remove imbalances. They may even involve themselves in your daily life, making short work of problems or saving you from making mistakes. Many are full of the knowledge of the Universe and may share this with you. They may teach you about fear, happiness, how to maintain a clear communication channel with the Universe, and interestingly, many will also teach you about their own species, and how best to deal with them.


A kind Reptilian can be a truly remarkable creature, much like a kind and supportive version of any species – even ours. The amount of unique and helpful knowledge that some individuals possess and are willing to pass on is truly stunning. Keep an eye out for those creatures – human or otherwise-, and leave the others behind.

To knowing who’s a ‘good egg’

2 thoughts on “Psychological and emotional effects

  1. This aspect of discernment while partnering with, or learning from a kind & supportive Beings sounds magnificent. In a world/time when so many have selfish motives and being deceitful is so prevalent, making yourself vulnerable to one who essentially “holds all the cards” and is not bothered to dispose of humans seems like a extremely dangerous environment to approach. Are there ways to connect & learn from them that are more of a mentor or big brother/big sister relationship? or is this unrealistic, or asking too much?


    1. Hey Joe,

      Thank you so much for your support and comment.

      In my experience that would be unlikely. Mostly because from my observations they don’t hold those sorts of emotions. For them everything is an exchange – You have to decide what it is you wish to trade.
      Thanks again for stopping by Joe.


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