Negative Physical Side Effects



We are going to focus on the not-so-great physical impact kicking around with these guys can have on your body. It’ll be a shorter post as this is pretty basic. Remember this is for relationship only – it doesn’t include the addition of military interference.

We all know the usual bruising, and scratches etc, but many of the effects can remain unseen to the untrained eye.

The human body really struggles with being in close proximity to the structure of these creatures, and you can feel ‘worn down’ very quickly. I’ve found it’s similar to living inside an exposed high voltage sub station.

Luis Royo

You may need to restrict the amount of time you spend out of your body in general, as you need to be in it for it to be able to recharge quickly and fully. Much like a regular phone charger vs an adaptive fast charger. Ask yourself: Are you actually sleeping at night or are you in a meditative mode? Usual signs of the former – bed covers moved about. The latter – you guessed it, anyone would think you were dead. Not even a crease to be seen. Do try to actually sleep whenever possible.

These dragons, if intensely partnered with a human, struggle terribly with being in their body, and not being able to be in a physical body like ours while with us. Protect your body. Who knows if they would take it over and inhabit it, but gees I wouldn’t like to risk it. Being left with no home and just floating around out there is not my idea of fun.

Incidentally I’ve noticed that if you have good control over your mind it is quite easy to hide thoughts from them. If it’s already a habit of yours to do this then just be careful as there are certain surprises they really struggle with. For example: they can’t bear the smell of other humans, so if you’re going to get a massage perhaps warn them or your masseuse may get a serious fright. And a physical fright too.

Less pleasant, but be prepared to have your waste smell of ammonia if they have been particularly close to and/or intimate with you. This will give you an accurate indication of the level of contact you are taking part in. Especially if you wake without memories.


So there’s a few points I guess if you were looking for further proof of your own sanity. Whatever you notice just remain calm and get back to basics. You are your own being just as they are. Your body. Your rules. 

To equality

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