Sleep Inducement


I know I said I will be writing about negative side effects, and I will, but I felt that this ties in very closely, and although it’s not an effect as such, it certainly is a resulting factor, and may be really disconcerting for some. So I’m giving it it’s own post. I know that those known as MILABs will also experience this, but that is for another post entirely and further in the future.

This post assumes your Rep has already linked with you. We will cover what sleep inducement feels like, and how to stop it if you choose to do so.

The Signs

You notice they now exhibit the ability to put you into a deep sleep within moments. Initially it may seem to be without warning, but if you pay attention and are sensitive enough you will notice that often times they will bring on sudden, heavy drowsiness earlier in the day on a few occasions to act as a warning so that you have the opportunity to plan your schedule accordingly. They may also do this as an initial tester to see how your body responds. You will feel the difference between the two. For the former a sense of knowing will be felt, and even excitement if this is consensual. If you are already home then there will usually be no warning, and you will have to make for a comfortable place post hasteand I mean super fast. You may barely make it to the couch…

You may feel the following:

  • imagesUltra heavy eye-lids
  • Misty-mindedness
  • Gentle arousal without the urge to address it
  • A sense of warm contented comfort
  • A deep desire to feel bed sheets against your skin
  • An overwhelming urge to stretch and lay down
  • Exaggerated gravity
  • An alarming urgency to lay down as you know you are required, and be well behaved and calm

Why it happens

This usually takes place in order for some kind of work to be performed on the body. Often you know that the work is being performed, and a screen play will be run as entertainment so that you needn’t focus on the body manipulation/surgery/testing. Nothing physical will be felt during. Perhaps a wand-type instrument will be laid diagonally across your body and you may feel it’s placement and weight. You may even be consciously aware during the work, but you will find yourself choosing to remain focused on the screen sequence rather than witness the potentially unnerving. Often others will be performing the required works. Very occasionally your linked Rep will undertake the task themselves – especially if it is in relation to your connectedness to them. This helps to strengthen the ‘bond’, as humans are known to seek this feeling.

They may use this to prevent you from doing things they rather you didn’t. Perhaps you want to draw a picture of them or research some aspect of them on line or even chat to someone about your experiences. Keep track of when they use it to prevent such activities, and really question yourself hard as to why they would do this, and – do you find it acceptable?

How to monitor it

Take notice of the hour of day and the length of time you are out for. It’s usually about two hours. Keep a note of this. Once you become aware that it’s happening try writing a note for yourself before you expect to pass out. Ask yourself to check your body for marks, motion ability, and anything else that comes to mind. This is so you can keep a diary of thchess-316658__180e changes to help reassure yourself of your sanity later on 🙂

How to prevent it

If in fact you want to prevent this particular manipulation you need to plan ahead. Once you are aware of the approximate time it will take place (and they are pretty routine-focused creatures so this should be quite doable), ensure the following:

  • Your stomach has just finished digestion, though your body is not hungry
  • Your hydration level is optimum – too much water or too little can be used against you
  • Your body is well oxygenated – go for a relaxed jog just prior

And then?

  • Sit in a lit room and wait
  • When you begin to feel the onset fight it out however you see fit

Once you ‘win’ they won’t try it too much after that, at least not for the activity you interrupted. So be careful which activity you interrupt! They believe if you want to remain aware that much well then you can, or if it was concerning your drawing or research they will behave in a more appropriate manner and actually discuss your concerns. They are entirely beatable. It just requires some attention to detail and planning that’s all.


Remember: like any relationship it is important to clearly outline and define each other’s expectations prior to engaging. However, you can’t plan for everything, so if something happens that makes you feel unsafe, or leaves you with a sense of powerlessness, or any discomfort then address it. Iterate your expectations, and have them agreed to or disengage.

To making it to the couch

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