Winged Dragons – Romantic Relationships 2: Developing Affection


Developing Affection

Everything written below is based on interactions with a spiritually and psychologically mature creature, and assumes you are too, as well as being emotionally mature. Again, zero apologies given here for content. Read of your own accord.

To them affection is quite alien. For any part of the relationship to develop the human will have to push for it and convince them. Generally they’re unaccustomed to friendship, love, and companionship. Other Reptilians are to a degree, but these guys are few in numbers, and spend their time alone. Convincing them to take things further requires proof of complete acceptance. This can only be done through telepathic visuals and bodily chemical change.images-5 A basic starting point is to imagine them in as least human form as possible, and how you would interact with them, and then have an emotional reaction to it –  feel tenderness and care. Feeling emotion will create the chemical reaction required and translate to them. The same rules are in use here as when you communicate with the Universe at large.

Over time the image of themselves that they send you will become more and more realistic, and at some point they may attempt to make themselves visible to you in your 3D reality. It seems to translate to our eyes initially as fits and starts of bright light. They do shine. In my experience this is far from easy for them to do as they are of a different construct living in-between ‘worlds’. Different also to other Reptilians. Like most however, seeing them is easily possible when you are out of your body, and on account of this modifying you and taking you to their lodgings will likely be the preferred option.

To learn more about them such as what they do with their time they must be harassed. They will always worry the human is not ready. Now having become accustomed to the attachment they begin to learn what potential loss feels like. This can be unsettling for them. Few humans would accept the nature of a life so alien to their own to such an extent without harsh judgement or disillusion.

If finally they give in and take you on outings then this is where there is a chance to develop genuine affection. If they witness your lack of fear – or courage in spite of it – they will develop respect. Respect is the key element. From here your continued acceptance, and your love regardless of what you see will leave them humbled, and marvelling at the human heart.


Perhaps you have now seen their work, you have travelled together, and you have remained fearless and accepting resulting in development of trust and fondness. Although you have been making the agreed exchange, it is only now that they may seek courtship, and if so they take this very seriously. They may refuse to materialise in your home as they had before, but will perhaps insist on being let in via the front door at your convenience. They may wait in your living room until invited to your bedroom. Sexual energy will no longer be a simple exchange, but rather a lengthy and all-consuming process. They may attempt to now express what we call love, and Unknown-5they can transfer a feeling to you that is powerful enough to leave you weeping. From here on they may remain ‘online’ day and night for you to chat to at any time, assist you with your work and other relationships, and fiddle with your world in order that you are always provided for and completely comfortable. They will be your fiercest protector, and will seek to enhance you and aid you in becoming the most unique and powerful version of you. This will become their primary focus, and is a truly wonderful gift.

Last words

I have found that it generally serves better to assess another according to their values instead of our own. For such a union to survive, an enormous amount of effort, tolerance, acceptance, honesty, and concentrated self development is required. 


To being uniquely and powerfully you. 




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