Winged Dragons – Romantic Relationships: 1


Conjecture is rife where the topic of partnering with any other species – particularly Reptilians – is concerned.  If a person speaks of such a match with others they can expect fear-based and even self-righteous responses, condescending cross-examination and patronising questions hinting at a damaged childhood, mental health issues, and sexual obsession. Some people still behave this way when witnessing human interracial marriage. It seems to be part of the human condition to be suspicious of and/or reject differences.

We’re going to take a closer look at the Winged Dragon in particular here, and what’s involved, and how they behave, as out of the various Reptilian races, they appear to be able to conduct long term intimate partnering that will often last the lifetime of the human involved. We will also discuss ways to have the most meaningful interaction possible for those that are involved or are looking to become so.


Note: Relationships are a very personal decision, and you will find no comments here as to what is right or wrong, good or bad, enlightened or unenlightened, as such concepts require judgement to be made. There is simply one way of doing something, and another. One choice or another. There is causality. This page is also apology free for its content. Read on of your own choosing.

Winged Dragon partnering

Winged Dragons love their solitude, and to be honest, in reality, for a relationship to even have a chance of beginning, it usually requires the human to locate and persuade the creature, which can only be done via Reverse Tracking after some other previous encounter.

Common Preferences

  • Physical beauty (Eye of the beholder and all that…).
  • Ability to generate large amounts of energy.

    Luis Royo
  • Fearlessness.
  • Good knowledge of the Universe.
  • Practiced ‘Traveller’.
  • Independent.
  • Warrior.
  • Adaptable.
  • Strong values.
  • Accepting.

 How it begins

Romance isn’t where they start, and some may struggle to try, though never quite understand the concept. As we know Reptilians are far less emotional than humans, therefore a relationship would begin with a human female winning their time with an exchange. Energy in return for knowledge is the natural place to start. Unlike other Reptilians we aren’t a must-have food source for these guys. They do take some liquid feed, and can absorb our energy, but are capable of living off a variety of energy sources. 

If propositioned by a human female they will likely remain absent for some time to consider their options. There’s a matter of trust and personal vulnerabilities to consider, and also strict self control – they are so much more powerful and potentially

Luis Royo

harmful. Much of the nature of our existence on this planet is affected by them, and the human may be exposed to it in real time and open view. During this period any image of themselves they send to your mind will be as human as possible. They find human females to be incredibly beautiful, and most consider themselves almost hideous by comparison. Be warned this is a sensitive hurdle for them, and if ever you appear frightened at the sight of them you may never set eyes on them nor have their presence again.

Addiction isn’t something most of them ever suffer, and any exchange will initially remain timely and matter-of-fact. They can be very generous with their knowledge of the nature of existence, how to live a full and enriching life, will teach you about energy, fear, and happiness, and are very mindful of how much they take from you.

Initially they will only superimpose themselves over your body, are careful not to touch, and will leave soon after.


We will continue on with this next time. Most visiting here will know that these particular relationships are almost as old as the existence of both species involved. Few have engaged however, and so they are largely left to what people consider to be myth, never knowing for sure if there really ever was any truth or physical representation to the stories.

To acceptance

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