Winged Dragons 3 – When you think you won’t make it


Forget it. I can’t regain control of my mind and body!

Deep trouble? Go back to basics.

Example from an 18 year old woman: “A man in a suit approached in a room and offered for me to come upstairs to where God resides. I knew him somehow, and he was a friend. The door at the top of the landing was ajar and through it streamed intense white light. I followed excitedly. Suddenly he turned back on me, his eyes glowing red. Stricken, and unable to look away I saw his skin stretching and sliding, small unseen creatures squirming about beneath it. I recalled my father saying, ‘You always know the devil because things move under his

Fascinating how near accurate many ‘gaming’ creations are.

skin’. I was able to hit the X via my faith call as a feeling, as I could form no words, and upon waking could also neither move nor breathe. My brain felt numbed, and asphyxiation was near complete. I felt myself going under. The room was full of this creature and I knew that if I didn’t make a move right then I would die. All I could do was imagine a glass coffin forming closely over me to protect me from their pressure. Somehow it worked, and I could now suck in tiny strips of air. All the while I tried to remember what supreme power was. God. Was that even a word? Did it have a name? Having bought myself time I was gradually able to recall the information. At least two hours had passed during this attempted usurpation (judging by later experiences). Eventually I could whisper it, and then croaked it aloud once. All the while my partner lay blissfully unaware until he suddenly sat up in bed, and walked to the kitchen. I heard him rustling around in a drawer. Still unable to move I hurriedly and earnestly kept praying. After a time he arrived at the door just as I managed to roll over with open eyes. He said, ‘I don’t know why, but I found myself looking for this knife.'”

What she did:

  • Remained calm.
  • Focused.
  • Employed visualisation.
  • Sought power from a source greater than herself.
  • Believed in her deliverance.


As mentioned in previous posts the reason for contact is a little different with these guys compared to regular Reps, as are the methods. Winged Reptilians are much more serious, and potentially fatal to your spirit. We’ve covered some of the differences in how the experience might feel, and look, and how to get out in one piece. If you’ve been playing out in the metaphysical world and dream plane then expect to be noticed. Expect a visit. It’s their ‘home’, their playground. If you’ve done your homework, and you refrain from rocking the boat too vigorously and too often, you will be able to have some interesting adventures, potentially make a difference, and maybe even an acquaintance along the way.

To the journey

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