Winged Dragons 2 – Human Interference


How does it start?

It varies, but their preference is to attack when you are out of your body, and prevent you from coming home. In the below example the person had been experimenting with playing music at 432hz in the belief it was changing the neighbourhood structure.

“I had gone to my place of peace, of my own construct. Only blue sky, a field of wheat, and a body of my choosing existed.  images-3I walked the field, allowing the seed heads to brush through my hands, and then felt a ‘glitch’. Looking back to the seed head a second time I found it in a fuller state of bloom than before. Hack. I began to look around for the perpetrator and above saw a swarm of some sort against the blue. The swarm descended slowly at first, then quite suddenly it became rapid with flies spiralling toward me, but then the flies turned into pixels as they hurtled toward my mouth. Such was the sight above that I was quite transfixed. As I fought to make my return now knowing I was under attack and out of time, I screamed to my God to aid me back to my body. Back in the physical plane, I found my arms pinned back to the pillow either side of my head, and my mouth wide open with the creature face to face. I really think he was actually there to suck my life force, my spirit, out of me.

Now awake I checked the time. 0208. Feeling drowsy and warm, the words ‘it’s over, you’re safe now, it was nothing, go back to sleep’ rolled through my mind as I fought drifting off. There was a stench in the air, and I felt my clothes to be sure there had been no ‘accidents’, all the while noticing an odd yellow light filling the house, and hearing the dog pacing back and forth repeatedly. Checked the time again. 0242? Surely only seconds had passed. I looked up, again aware of the presence that I had somehow forgotten about. Right next to me. The giant. Then everything went black. There was no bed, no body, I was suspended in space. Now the real battle began…

I’m back, but this Rep won’t leave!

Things you can do:

  • Shut down the ‘DarkSheet’, and reinstate the 3D world around you. Use the Pallet of First Origin.
  • Expand yourself.
  • Be their perception of aggressive and demand they leave.
  • Lock onto their frequency for Reverse Tracking.
  • Use telepathic dialogue swaying between treating them as equal and subordinate – unsettles them.
  • Ring someone – stay occupied to ward against any hypnosis.

Be aware that the creature could take a few hours to leave entirely, and await a further opportunity, as the mission has failed. Now, while they’re vulnerable, is when I would engage with, and learn about them. 

As with any other being, please be careful of projecting human psychology onto these creatures. To gain control of the situation you must be accepted as superior or equal, and to be accepted as superior or equal to any other hierarchy-focused species, you must behave as their own parent or leader would. 


Being competent in anything requires practice. Unfortunately this means that sometimes we may fail… How bearable that is for us comes down to our own state of mind. Whatever you do, whichever way it goes, make it count.

To taking part



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