Winged Dragons AKA Draconians 1 – What are they?


Winged Dragons?

Reptilian, humanoid with wings, and ridges on their heads or mini horns in some cases. Several names for them are available online.

If you know them, and deal with them it’s because you have a reasonably advanced understanding of the metaphysical world and you have an impact on it somehow. Unlike other types of Reptilians they rarely view humans as a source of play or energy-food. Generally they’re visiting because you’re a problem, and they’ve come to do an adjustment (change your thinking) or eviction (body take-over). They may take someone on as a long-term investment – that is a partner, protegé, or ongoing energy source, but it’s rare.

Probably don’t eat their food. They don’t expect you to…

Winged Dragons are more concerned with maintaining their idea of correct behaviour and order. Their perception of the universe is calculated and numerical, they’re highly intelligent and knowledgeable, and see the metaphysical world as their territory. And, you know, they spend so much time out there, and we so little by comparison, that you can kind of understand it. If you’re going to go and adventure on ‘their’ turf then expect to hear from them, be willing to engage and learn their psychology and culture, just as you hopefully would in any other country.

How do they appear? How do I know it’s them and not any other Reptilian?

They may swoop down on you with their 20m wingspan, but usually their presence is signalled by hypnosis and/or paralysis during your recharge. Perhaps if they are standing by your sleeping body there will be the feeling and sound of high voltage electrical851fe862b2bbddd6c47c36f2fa1f164c energy vibrating from the base of your back upward. Although other Reps may be able to do this to a degree, these guys are much more adept at it. Powerful and sudden.


Benevolent – The energy will be accompanied by a feeling of intense love/joy and the creature will aid you through this, and stay with you on and off long after, to ensure you remain balanced. 

Malevolent – The energy will be accompanied by the feeling of panic and dread and the creature will either continue in its attempt to charge and over-intensify you, and/or abandon you at some point after having completed whatever they came to do.

Dragon dream interference examples:

  • Broad use of colour, and blue and red when making a serious point.
  • Placement of glyphs.
  • Leaving of clues – Benevolent. Example: placing gold leaves within dream pages to lead them on a treasure hunt journey between rooms (beginner dream within a dream layout) – teaching them how to travel and dream engineer.

    A typical dream scene where the Winged Dragon emerges in the form of a planet over the horizon.
  • Receding and approaching movement of objects to draw in focus for hypnosis and paralysis.
  • ‘Drugging’. They are excellent at dulling the human nervous system without laying a finger.

They often appear as:

  • A Planet.
  • Sun/star.
  • Someone you know and revere.
  • Someone you’ve never met, but admire.
  • Pixelations.
  • Any of the above followed by morphing into themselves.
  • Anything they believe you will find horrific.
  • A regular reptilian.

Last words

That’s it for now. Next post I will discuss their interference with humans. Until then – stay aware, stay safe.

To meeting new people


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