Why are Reptilians following me?


Why humans?

Reptilians are made a little different. Some say they are 4th dimensional beings. All I know for sure is they are hard to see from inside your body in your own living space. Outside your body easy-peasy. In your own body and in their space where your Unknown-2particles are mashed around a little then sure. However, the point is they are not physical in the way we know physical to be, and therefore their food requirements are a little different. In my experience they seem to thrive on absorption of energies and some liquids. Humans are a good source of both.

What most Reptilians seek for ongoing contact:

  • Physical beauty – male or female.
  • Ability to generate large amounts of energy, particularly if it can be converted into sexual energy.

From here on some Reps actually prefer the opposite to what is listed, but their focus is slightly different, and I will save that for another post.

The basic Rep of average intelligence seeks:

  • Fear based thinker.
  • Low self-awareness.
  • Somebody who is ‘plugged in’. That is, linked to any RFF (Reverse Frequency Formatting) such as television, aerial, radio, and social aggression-487274__180networking sites.
  • Uncontrolled mind.
  • Poor sexual control.
  • Poor family foundation, that may include physical and sexual abuse, but not a necessity.
  • Low self-worth.
  • Isolation.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Poor self-image.
  • Preoccupation with the self.
  • Paraphilia.
  • Faithlessness.

This is a basic list, and covers the most common requirements for large emotional energy production (their food), though not necessarily all.

Also, this list does not include individuals who are:

  • targeted and hacked due to actions such as pro-species-development. Usually the winged guys come to sort this out.
  • found completely by chance. Reptilians are, after all, opportunists at heart.

Having determined a potential candidate they now filter for the following:

  • Current partner or lover if any.
  • Preferred scents.
  • Sexual preferences.
  • Past lovers.
  • Preferred physical appearance of males and females.
  • Current attractions.
  • Other family members – siblings, parents, pets, extended family.
  • Friends and acquaintances.
  • Favourite entertainment and all its characters.
  • Preferred sounds.
  • Preferred colours.
  • Level of dreamscape control (Small starter tests are run to locate triggers).
  • General likes and dislikes.
  • Work requirements.
  • Living requirements.
  • Sleep requirements.

Knowing these details assists in creating dream scenarios, and even manipulating life scenarios that can generate an ongoing supply of emotional energy. Some individuals can be sloppy. Example: if they don’t immediately receive a response to a test trigger (i.e. any insertion in conflict with current dream roll or usual dreams experienced by the person) they may jump right in to attempted take-over, oblivious to the fact the dreamer was simply waiting and watching to identify the possible intruder.

universe-1351865_960_720Some have only a basic understanding of humans. Example: they know that a woman has an older partner, assume this is because older is her focus and preference, and so present a character of that age to her in future scape-play. They struggle to understand the concept of choice based on love, mutual understanding, spiritual connection and so on. They expect it to be based purely on strength, capability, physique, hierarchical placement, and intelligence alone. They are just different to us, and don’t always account for it.

Last words

This was a short insight into common reasons for pursuit. Whether or not you choose to continue the interaction is entirely up to you. Good luck!

To finding out

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