Hacking has been mentioned on several occasions now, and I thought perhaps it might help to write a small post and give a little more detail as to what it is, how it feels, and how to prevent it.

 What is Hacking?

In this case it is when another person, being, or entity finds a way inside your ‘system’ to run amok – that is tampering with your mindset, beliefs, values, thought patterns, mood, and future dreamscape construct to name a few. Reptilians do it as part of their binary-1188505__180standard works – tap in and download your RAM for a quick overview before creating a relevant dreamscape to suit you and their purposes, or just to establish a continuous line of telepathic communication. Many people do it frequently also. One only needs an item or being once touched by that person, or a photo, and so long as they have a weak solar plexus you’re in, and can see their likes, dislikes, issues, awareness level, important people in their lives, and history. There are theories as to why some people can do it, and others can’t, but I will leave that for someone else’s forum.

Can I see it happen?

  • You may see something identical twice in quick succession.
  • Your vision may be affected so that momentarily everything is grey, or
  • shifts to the side by an inch and back.
  • You may even see numbers and symbols, or
  • perhaps for the briefest moment everything is black.
  • In the dreamscape you may notice a glitch, a quick stop in motion, perhaps an item is slightly larger than it was before or perhaps brighter in colour.

 Can I feel it happen?man-1187192__180

  • You may be walking and suddenly feel an awareness, have your heckles raise, look about you, and feel the whole world is somehow standing still waiting for something.
  • Your solar plexus may begin to overheat. This is often how a Winged Dragon will call in. The heat generated can be so intense that others in your presence will begin to sweat. Your own hand will near burn when touching this area yet the area itself is pain free.
  • You may feel pulses of electricity, anywhere in your body, or
  • random sexual arousal – both methods used by Reptilians if your Solar Plexus is locked to easy entry. 

Some Harassment Strategies

Sleep Deprivation – their favourite, and it is for most alien species because the human MUST have sleep to function correctly. So there may be 8 hours of attempted dreamscape manipulation, visits, attempted abductions, and this will happen night after night after night in the hope of finally cracking you.

Fear Inducement – for this to work you’d have to be prone to being fearful. They may make their presence felt in the day time, or in your home in the evening. Perhaps your Unknown-6phone begins to malfunction, doors opening and closing, lights on and off, music and vacuum cleaners starting. You see and hear helicopters above your home, and you believe unmarked cars follow your moves. The more involved you become, the more you think about them, the more paranoia lurks, the closer they get, until finally they can tap right in. Focus and emotional response empowers them.

Piquing Your Curiosity – Perhaps you successfully closed your mind off, leaving yourself free to sleep. Furthermore you are unafraid. Most will walk away depending on the initial reason for attempted hack. However, others may now wish to try and spend time with you due to their own curiosity. Humans also behave this way toward other creatures who behave fearlessly. It intrigues them and in some cases they even feel special. So in the same way these guys may try a more direct approach to coerce youUnknown-7 into engaging with them such as meeting with you face to face and offering  knowledge, treats, and/or excursions. How it develops is the decision and choice of both parties involved.


Is better than cure they say. Self awareness is key, and having an understanding of reality that is free from physical constraint – These guys aren’t constructed the way we are. Pay close attention to your sleep patters, dreams, all your moods, your intentions, thoughts, and the general ‘feel’ of things. When you notice anything odd such as in the above list, do a cleanup, shut down, and reboot.

Last Words

Hacking can be so subtle, and the results of its success much less so. Having covered some of the potential signs I hope you will now feel more aware and prepared.



To knowing what’s what

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