Reptilian Sexual Manipulation


We’re going to take a brief look at the basic types of sexually-based dream screen-plays used by some Reptilians, and the very deliberate and significant application of sexual arousal in these plays, and it’s timing.

Reptilians who hunt for sexual energy

Some Reptilians make a point of hunting sexual energy. As a species they are naturally highly energised in a way that triggers arousal in other creatures, not only humans.

Males: Higher ranking males usually hunt alone, are selective, territorial, and possessive. They are quite mindful of the human’s experience, and level of pleasure.

Females: Often found in packs of 3. Exhibit strong signs of paraphilia. Dabble in changing a person’s sexuality, or creating paedophilia. Appear to derive pleasure from sexual violence and humiliation.

As with any species, not everyone conforms to the general rules and patterns of behaviour of the majority.

BEWARE: If we allow our body to become aroused, or mentally acknowledge our arousal or that they are attractive, we have agreed to play – by their interpretation.

Common sex-focused settings

Basic entry level one-on-one exercise often contains following:images-4

  • Sexual partner presented in any chosen form as described in Are Reptilians Interfering With My Dreamscape?
  • Room – living room, kitchen, bedroom…
  • 2 main colours i.e. green and red, white and gold etc. The rest is often somewhat greyish or unfocused.

The feel:

  • A moment in time.
  • Free of lengthy scene-setting.
  • Quick pace.

Given they are experts in most things human and sexual, many human females find the one-on-one with a male Reptilian quite enjoyable. Usually it starts in the dreamscape, but if the participant becomes/is metaphysically aware and is willing, and most importantly unafraid of the true semblance of him, then the two realities may merge and begin to take place consciously and in real time- another post.

Basic entry level group exercise:

  • More than one person present – usually females (occasionally male/s may be involved – usually lower ranking), and shown as humans.
  • Those present who wish to be noticed will be lounging on the bed or couch.
  • Main room, with additional open doors suggesting extra space.
  • House.
  • Again usually 2 main colours.
  • Individuals appear in pleasant dress.

gente-que-bebe-champagne-living-room-33907049The feel:

  • Social gathering.
  • Relaxed.
  • Chatty.
  • Scene-setting and often lengthy.
  • One of the individuals likely to be more provocative than the others (the Starter) drawing you in.
  • Once things become sexualised it moves quickly.

Arranged Mateship:

Sometimes a group of females will actually take a human woman and ready her for a selected male mate. They will make her drowsy, bathe and dress her, and once she has completely sobered, place her ready for her chosen mate to present himself. He will usually be in matching attire so that she understands they are meant for each other. They will make her aware of her own beauty if it is not natural for her to notice it – he wants her to feel beautiful. In this situation it is important to him that the potential female mate is prepared by females only, and that she is presented aware of the situation and with full cognitive function. The aim here is for a consensual and enjoyable mateship for both parties – from their perspective.

Remember: What we say counts for nothing. How we feel and behave is what they interpret. Once you understand them you will find that you always have a choice.

Here’s an example from one woman’s experience of this kind:

“The women laughed good-naturedly as I wandered about in search of my clothes. I happened to see myself in the reflection of the window as I passed. To my surprise I actually looked incredibly beautiful. I felt him, and decided to stop and wait. The women left. He walked into the kitchen. Slightly greying dark hair. Natural body type. He was in a matching white robe, only longer, and his was only slightly open, sharing a glimpse of his genitals in the warm shadow. I chuckled. I was delighted and humoured by the careful staging. They had tried so hard, but some things they just don’t understand. The game begins. “Why do you laugh?” Oh because I can’t find my woman-looking-mirror-28018370clothes you know. “No. That is not why you laughed.” I felt drenched in his Reptilian presence, in the knowledge of it. I was thrilled, but I had a partner in life already. I had to work it tight and even. I had to be convincing. I had to cloud him from my mind, still my energy. I said, ‘No, 100% I’ve been looking everywhere and I’ve no idea of their whereabouts.’ He turned away from me to think and hide his developing feeling of rejection, placing his left hand on the island bench. I felt his confusion. He was scanning. He couldn’t read me. I smiled inwardly. He gave me my leave.”

Method of changing a person’s sexual focus

Positive Association – they bring your body to an extremely heightened state of arousal and seek to have you climax while viewing something you abhor or wouldn’t normally find exciting. This particular method of ‘viewing only’ is a last resort, and used in the event they know they are unable to MAKE you do anything interactive. In both cases it is generally something that the females of the species orchestrate.

Importance of Sexual Control

As mentioned in Are Reptilians Interfering With My Dreamscape? sexual control (along with dreamscape understanding) is paramount to beating these creatures. Take the time to practice quitting sensation mid-climax. Be very mindful of what you think about during and post climax. They understand sex-magic and energy so well. Any time you feel sudden sexual arousal that creeps through your body like a wonderful thing with no just cause, just shut it down. Understand every aspect of your own energy patterns. Seek to understand the true nature of your sexual fantasies, and monitor their development carefully.

If their power is such that you are unable to bring your body under control, and they are attempting to turn you toward something you find reprehensible, then I suggest you FORCIBLY REFUSE. Attack them if you have to, and return to your reality as fast as you can, but at all costs, you MUST refrain from climaxing in theirs, and in doing so, ensure you yourself remain free of becoming a sexual predator, or of changing your chosen preferences or values or anything else they’re attempting to hijack. And hijack them they will. Do what it takes.


It’s worth remembering that there are benevolent Reptilians just as there are benevolent humans, and they can make you feel incredibly beautiful, and sensual, and be wonderfully tender and generous. It’s not all dubious and damaging in any part of life, but as with all situations and relationships, there is always a pay-off. It is up to the individuals involved to assess and choose the balance. It has to work for you.


So we’ve  had a quick overview of a few of the types of sexual interaction. We can see how it might look and feel.

Perhaps the most important point to remember is this: The moment we allow our body to become aroused, or mentally acknowledge our arousal or that they are attractive, we have agreed to play – by their interpretation. To them, everything else is irrelevant. Complete control over your own body and mind is the key. There are different methods in obtaining that control, and in handling and removing these creatures. Try them out. Ultimately, how you do it is up to you. 

To finding what works

2 thoughts on “Reptilian Sexual Manipulation

  1. Wow. I was attack last year fully after they tricked me into believing it was telepathic communication with my ex (who I at the time believed was my twin flame, as well as they staged the interfered causing the break up) since they have not left my life and have ruined it talking none stop 24/7. Every vile thing I couldn’t even imagine has run through my mind almost destroying what was left of my innocence.

    I still struggle to make them leave and have yet to heal from this nightmare. You article hit pretty much even nail on the head. Thank you for confirming. I only wish my strength in pulling out of their deep hypnosis made them actually leave.


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