Are Reptilians interfering with my dreamscape?



How can I tell? How do I know it’s them? How does it start?  

We’re going to make our way through those questions, and by the end of this you should have a bit of a mind map worked out, and some awareness when next you close your eyes.


You know by having intimate knowledge of your own types of dreams and their symbols. Reptilian appearance will then seem unusual.

They present themselves as:

  • A crush you have.
  • Your partner.
  • An image of their creation fitting your perceived requirements for sexual attraction.
  • Celebrity you admire.
  • Character of some fictional work you admire.Unknown
  • Themselves.
  • Creature you find terrifying.

For non-invasive works:

  • Their former human form – if they recently passed through (usually for contact and message delivery purposes).
  • The form of a person you would consider to be safe, wise, and understanding (again usually for contact and message delivery purposes).

The winged Reps present quite different, but I will save them for next time.


How it is structured and begins, depends on the strengths and weaknesses, preferences, and the most common day-to-day activities of the participant. This below was a real person, and highlights that someone can be quite healthy and stable, and still be a potential target.

Example of a potential participant: 

  1. Has ability to resource and replenish large amounts of energy.
  2. Loner.
  3. Fears abandonment.
  4. Has a long-term lover.
  5. Drives a lot.
  6. Works long hours.
  7. Has an active mind that is easily bored.
  8. Enjoys problem solving.
  9. Is confident.
  10. Largely in control of their physical and spiritual life.
  11. Aware.
  12. Most recent relationship was with a young man of 24, slender, blonde hair. Human found him to be immature, and lacking leadership skills.


Typical Reptilian Dreamscape Sequence match:

  • Night scene for mood and mystery.
  • Traffic.
  • Round-a-bout for decision-making/problem solving if intrigue placement fails initially. There is a vast empty landscape that can be utilised for immediate creation.
  • Participant is made the driver of their car to keep them in a position of control – their comfort zone, and matching their usual dream plot involving vehicles.

Plot begins:

Participant is driving at night, and comes to a round-a-bout where, in the middle, a young man is standing (intrigue) and watching their approach. Eye contact is made. Participant is curious, compelled to park, leave car and approach the young man. Upon closer inspection the man is in his early thirties, blonde hair, strong build, sure of himself with sparkling blue eyes – secure and forward. Has an awareness about him desert-978939__180which is a positive in the eyes of the participant. Taking the lead he reaches out to the participant who is sexually moved by his presence (warning bell/trigger rings for the sexually aware). He takes their face in his hand and moves in for the kiss. (Generally speaking from my experience, by this point the Reptilian is now physically placed over their body in real-time 3D. So when the kiss takes place the touch of lips will feel much harder – final warning. Their lips are not soft like that of a human). Paralysis may begin at this point depending on their aim.

NOTE: Much of the sexual interaction is astral only, but the set-up is the same. This is an example resulting in physical contact. Physical contact will be discussed in the future.

The aim in this example, and in most cases, is to generate as much sexual energy as possible that they then absorb. They are creating a scene to justify your state of arousal that they themselves have engineered independent of the dream sequence.

Last words:

So we’ve covered the basics of dreamscape manipulation, and the types of triggers and warnings you might see that could indicate they are interfering.

Until next time, stay focused, and keep a very close eye on yourself, and on them.


To always watching



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