Am I having a Reptilian/Alien experience?


The first problem is you wake up.

The next issue is that you distinctly recall having gone to sleep the night before. Therefore logic states that everything in between was a dream. Excellent. Problem solved. 

We are solely accountable for our chosen response to everything.

As you remove your jimjams, which by the way, you’ve just noticed are on backwards, you find bruises, half-healed lacerations, and regardless of how fiercely you blink you simply can’t focus your eyes. You didn’t take any pills. Maybe last night’s meal has disagreed with you, food went down wrong, body jacked up about it, shit got crazy, PJs just a casualty in the indigestion war that obviously ensued. Hurriedly pushed back to the deepest recess of your mind is the distinct recollection of moving up through your floor and bed as if they and you were anything but solid, the hollering of some panicked creature demanding that you come back now! In one piece! Christ, had they almost got it wrong? Did you almost not make it? Is that why your jammies are muddled?

You’ve had a lot going on lately. You know you dream often anyway.  You mentioned one of these dreams to Julie last week. What did she say? That’s right, “You know you sound like a loony right?” Maybe I just need some exercise.

-Brain Cranium

How much proof is enough?

What is logic? The voice of your grandfather? “Focus on reality boy…” Your aunty that’s not really your aunty, “Of course there’s no such thing as aliens. You’re being ridiculous, now get back to bed” Through to your bland and unimaginative coworkers, “Whisper whisper whisper.” Or is that actually the voice of a social order long overdue for a revamp? How much proof do we as a society need that something is happening? That something other than us is out there, and hanging out with us in our bedrooms? How about you personally? How much proof is enough that you are taking part in activities extracurricular? Past outings that you have yet to agree to…


You have to acknowledge it and own it first before you can beat the Reptilians, Grays, or any other unwanted creatures. And their UFOs. At this point of the experience you may not even know that’s what they are called, or when they’re coming, but that is less important than knowing and acknowledging the signs, knowing you are amongst it.

But what if I’m unsure of the signs?

Skuuurrrrrrrrt!! Let’s immediately halt then, and list some waking evidence because this is important.

  • Smell of ammonia/musky/mould suggests Reptilians (Lizard people) of some form. In your room, on your clothes etc. If it’s in your own excretions then you fairly well know there has been intercourse. Stay calm ok? Just breathe through it. Trust me on this. Keep emotion out of it. Give them as little food as possible. Someone stole your car and took it for a drive, but they put it back. We’ve just got to work on higher level security. And we will.
  • Waking to complete darkness is a Winged Dragon. ‘Giant and Violent’ as a colleague of mine says. Darkness – there is no physical form present in your surroundings whatsoever, and it is as if you are suspended in deep space. With these guys, in my experience, you’ve got to fight from the basic ‘palette of first origin’.
  • Your is in a trance and pacing silently. Winged Dragons are the experts with hypnosis in my experience.
  • Manipulation of your dreamscape is a Reptilian pastime. To know if this is happening you first need an intimate understanding of your own symbols. If you are a Caucasian Westerner then The Complete Dream Dictionary by Pamela Ball is a great place to start. If you’re of other ethnic origin then find something similar that’s tweaked for your culture. For now, is there unusual and vivid imagery followed by paralysis even though you have had regular sleep patterns with the required amount of rest? Are there dreams within dreams? Do you wake with a nagging feeling at the back of your mind?
  • Waking physically exhausted after required hours sleep.
  • Waking up in odd places – against your ceiling, a railway track, in a craft, on a table, or an underground cavern.
  • Suddenly being overwhelmed by sleep at any point during the day without just cause.
  • Waking with bruises, cuts, incisions or needle marks.
  • Feeling someone is ‘tuned’ in to you.
  • You wake severely irritated with you partner, perhaps even angry, for no reason.

Those are just a few to give you a guide, and I will discuss them in further detail in future posts.

Be willing to believe You.

shield-1283415_1280A woman was having night visions/experiences/dreams, and so intense was her frustration that she just plain said it during an entirely unrelated discussion. Restaurants and movies followed abruptly by metaphysical mandate. The stories reminiscent of MILAB (Military Abductee) encounters you may have heard before. Her certainty was such that the group we stood amongst at the time, having recovered from their initial shock, didn’t dare voice their thoughts. Her conviction seized them, which allowed one fellow the safety to quietly express his curiosity. You could see it gave her strength. This isn’t to say go out and tell the world, or not to. Just an illustration of her acceptance. She said she ran tests against different foods, alcohol, pain killers and entertainment intake with no patterns forming, and so was left with the remaining possibility, however fantastic. Here we see the beginnings of her taking control. The sooner you can identify this as a part of your reality, the sooner you can then be a conscious participant, and finally take control of it however physically, emotionally, or psychologically traumatic. It’s hard to pick something up and shake it about if you haven’t yet decided whether to decide if it is really there or not. Unfortunately, most mainstream shrinks will struggle with this topic. But I urge you to seek professional help – I have to say that.

And many think this kind of illustration is just imagination.

Ok, now what?

Acknowledging reality of this kind can be terrifying. Mostly because the majority of the experiences are painful, dehumanising, and basically horrid, but unfortunately if we don’t it will just continue to happen. You may feel inclined to keep asking ‘why me’, and ‘why at all’, and ‘what is their agenda?’ You may feel inclined to run and bury your head in the sand.


Stay put. Turn your focus to what you’re GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. It’s ok. You’re among friends. Surrounded by them in fact. And we have a plan.

Go easy on yourself.

I read a fantastic business article by ‘Fizzle’ on Tuesday. It is called 3 Ways to Improve the Best Advice Ever. That being the advice that successful people love to throw about known as ‘just get out there and do it!’ which although awesome, can leave you, the greenling, feeling a little isolated and incompetent. It suggested first acknowledging three things.

1. You’re Gonna Suck At First. There are so many levels to this. You’re dealing with creatures whose species you may not yet know, whose language you don’t speak, who know many of your biological strengths and weaknesses, and who refuse to book appointments. Stay strong. Stay focused. There’s a great deal to learn along the way to Solutionville. Feel ok with being less than an expert.

2. What You’re Trying To Do Is Actually Quite Difficult. Yes it really is. Own that. Acknowledging that it’s difficult will make it easier for you to be willing to break it down into bite size chunks and take them on one Reptoid at a time.

3. Luck Plays A Big Role. There is much in the word ‘luck’, and you can replace it with what you believe it to be.

So, a big thanks to Chase Reeves who wrote that article, and I hope its application here helps you feel ok with your potential current state of intimidation.

Those of us who have beaten these guys, or work among them constantly can forget how much of a gauntlet it really was/is, and you too may one day look back and attempt to brush off your valiant battles.

If you own it, you can control it.

“Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’re grown up. Growing up means being patient, holding your temper, cutting out the self-pity, and quitting with the righteous indignation.’

‘Why do so many people seem to love righteous indignation?’

‘Because if you can prove you’re a victim, all rules are off. You can lash out at people. You don’t have to be accountable for anything.”
― Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York


I’ve covered a lot here. It really is a massive world out there, and the magnitude of the possibilities and signs is such that I’ve barely scraped it, however, the aim is to give you as many of the most common signs as possible and a couple of small tools to identify this as reality and then come to terms with it.

In the meantime, focus on the kind of night’s sleep you want to have. Imagine it vividly. Feel it. Smell it. Snore it. You know, humans are extraordinary in that we have the power to create simply by imagining and then following up with an emotional response. Cease recalling and reimagining impending horrors that have, without invitation, murdered your peace up to now. Now begin instead to imagine what you actually want.

Make the creatures go to a bit of effort.

What you love you empower
and what you fear you empower –
and what you empower you attract.

~ Author Unknown ~

To bringing back the peace

S. A. Lark.


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